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We are Ampersand Company.


What does it mean?

Well, imagine your name there instead of those dots, to be more precise; imagine your brand there. Now imagine if the bit that says ‘& Company’ said ‘& engagement & insight & energy & no agenda & plain English & tons of experience & design & film & being heard & punctuality & pride & Hob Nobs, yes Hob Nobs & most of all partnership’ Well, that’s what we do. (Oh, and we love your curiosity.)

Too many choices, not enough time, budget or hands to help?

We're here to lighten your load.

Ampersand Company serves ambitious businesses and brands impatient to tell the world what makes them special.

Let's unpack that;


With limitless free media, easy to access creative talent and low production cost there's never been a better time to tell your brand's story.


With so much on your plate and so little time we help you step back to take stock and identify what's important.

'Tell the world what makes you special.'

We apply experience gained from serving the world's favourite brands to help you identify and share what makes your brand unique.

Some of the things we have been asked to help with:


Jorian Murray

Listens & Simplifies
Brand Strategy & Communication

Formerly founder of start-up consultancies Ask Senex, and DHM. Managing Director of DDB London, Chairman of Arnold Amsterdam. Deep client experience of the B2B sector, automotive and international brands. Notable clients: Google, Economist, Lego, New Labour, Sony and Volkswagen.

Andy Smith

Enables & Implements
Operations & Output

Formerly Global Head of Operations at J Walter Thompson and AMV BBDO. 20 years experience managing brands on their journey from analogue to digital including the global implementation leadership of Nokia, Mars, Microsoft, Volkswagen & Sainsbury's.

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Jorian Murray

+44 7798 924506
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Andy Smith

+44 7584 435265

We're always on the look out for freelance or independent creative talent who'd be interested in partnering with us. If you like the sound of what we are up to and think that you could contribute, please get in touch: